A Day at Portofino Beach Resort

Having a toxic lifestyle in a BPO industry, we also deserve to unwind sometimes without the hassle of planning to much. Many options were considered but we concluded to have a simple gathering in a simple beach resort. Located at the heart of Mactan Island is an extensive shoreline that provides not just plain R & R. My partner and I went to Portofino Beach Resort for a couple of times already but never did we expect that the resort can give the people more than what they asked for. When we were there, we never anticipated that we can do something other than swimming.

Welcome to Portofino Beach Resort

This cottage is divided into 2 rooms that cost Php4500 each... There are cottages also that cost Php3100, which is located far from the seashore

A convenience store for your needs

Beachpoint Lounge

Our delicious seafood menu... The resort by the way does not have corkage so you can bring all the food & drinks that you want inside the area

Aside from the beautiful white sand of this resort, you will be caught by surprise when fishes welcome you when you go snorkeling... They even allow fish feeding

Test drive

Aquanaut and Skyfish, anyone??

Beach ziplining

Pool rates

Care for a swim in the pool?

The experience that we had is best thing that ever happened in that marine sanctuary. Events in the past were all forgotten by just a single day at Portofino Beach Resort.

DebzTer @Portofino