Northern Breakthrough

To go or not to go? Such a question contains lots of sense on it especially when you only have two days and one night to spare to go out and experience the life that is a hundred kilometers away from the heart of the city.

The next question was for Tabuelan, or for Bantayan, or for Alcoy? Which is which then? A question that all of us would definitely answer, “ALL OF THE ABOVE” but going back to reality, we only have one night to satisfy ourselves.

First option was Tabuelan that is about 56 km from Cebu City, the second was Bantayan, which is an island at the northern part of Cebu, and the third was Alcoy that has an estimated 82-kilometer distance from the urban life. Debates and critical planning were considered to finalize the destination. In conclusion, the verdict was to go in Tabuelan, Cebu. Apparently, Tabuelan won.

Finally, on April 15, 2011, excited as we are, my partner and I managed to have just a 2-hour power nap after work in order to meet the rest of the group. We rented a van for Php 3,000, which accommodated the fifteen of us. Meet time was 12:00 noon at I1, IT Park and we arrived exactly as expected, though we sneaked a 30-minute lunch at Chowabongga. Consequently, we started counting the eagerness away at 1:00 PM because “Tabuelan, here we come!”.

We arrived at Durhan White Beach Resort in Tabunok, Tabuelan at around 6:00 PM. I know, I know that Tabuelan is just approximately a 3-hour travel from the metropolis but what can we do? Many as we are, many stop overs were also done. Moving on with the beach resort, when we got there, I felt like I was not in Cebu anymore nor was in the technical world of civilization. Yes, we may have mobile phones, a laptop and an Ipad but we barely have the signal to brag to the entire world that we are there already. But such a minor problem did not stop us from appreciating the untouched sovereign of nature: the white sands, the unpolluted seawaters and the caves. Upon realizing the beauty of the resort, I thanked God that despite the pollution we get day by day, somewhere in the outskirts of Cebu lies a place where men and nature live together as one.

After unpacking our things from the van, we prepared ourselves for dinner. My partner, of course, took over theĀ entree while the rest of us served as her assistants. For the formal meal, we had brazilian barbeque, grilled squid and grilled fish. So we had dinner and as the images are presenting, the rest is history.

The rest of the team went out for a night swimming while the others slept all their enthusiasm away. My partner and I decided not to swim upon feeling the coldness of the breeze and just watched the movie, 3 Idiots, instead. After the 3-hour mixed emotions of laughter and melodrama, we then noticed that the sea was shallow and way too far from the seashore. What else can we do but to have a 5-minute stargazing moment on the rocky seabed. For 5 minutes, my partner and I felt like we were the only people in a galaxy surrounded by millions and billions and trillions of stars. The picture was definitely completed when we witnessed a falling star right before our very own eyes. As expected, we wished together in whispers that will never be disclosed.

Morning came and everyone was preparing for breakfast, except me and my partner because we were tempted to roam around the resort. Walking by the seashore, we appreciated the area even more because fishes and sea creatures of different kinds are there to welcome the morning with us. A cave-like stone in the seashore caught our attention, where many shells, even spiders, are found. Even dogs took their morning swimming, which made me recognize that the place is indeed a haven where respect and love are the rules for each living thing, a haven where all of us: men, animals and insects were united.

What we had for breakfast were hotdog, egg and corned beef. It was a typical meal for everyone but the thought that it was a breakfast by the beach made the moment remarkable. The stories that were shared during that time made the experience holistically worth it.

One thing is missing though… Swimming! Of course, we did not end the escapade without getting wet. My partner and I just stayed near the cottage due to the fact that I do not know how to swim. We alternately swam then walked, for we have the entire sea to explore. We noticed that the temperature of the sea is not constant for the reason that there is a part that is cold and a part that is warm and that there is an area that is rocky and an area that is not. So many things to discover yet so little time.

Every story has an end and so is our trip. We left the resort at around 11:oo AM and we were back to civilization at approximately 2:00 PM. The entire experience was indeed awesome. The beach in Tabuelan and Tabuelan in general has so many things worth keeping. I just hope that the government will do something to preserve it for the generations to come. I would really advise everyone t0 come and see what Tabuelan has to offer. Happy trip!