Seafood Galore

STK Ta Bay! Sa Paolito's Seafood is located at Orchid St., Capitol Site, Cebu City and it is adjacent to Yayoy’ Grill

Filipino cuisines, together with the opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends, are indeed perfect and pleasurable. From common dishes, Philippine cuisine adapted techniques to bring out the best of authentic Filipino food. Cebu has always been a place where good food is not an opportunity but a commodity. Their food is simple but they can really satisfy the local palate. One of the recommend restaurant in Cebu is the Sutukil Restaurant.

The ambiance of the restaurant is like that of an ancestral house with authentic antique pieces left by the owners to provide a cozy environment in the area

Sutukil is actually an abbreviation of how seafood is cooked. “Su” means sugba that is grilled, “Tu” means tuwa, which is stew, and “Kil” means kilaw that is raw fish salad. STK ta Bai! is a restaurant that specializes in sutukil dishes. They serve good quality seafood at an affordable price. So, we did not wait for long because we finally put into reality the dream of having delicious seafood experience.

Sinigang na sugpo is Shrimps in Tamarind Broth

Spicy Calamare

Grilled panga is a grilled dish of a fish jaw


The entire experience was amazing due to the fact that we get to eat fresh seafood presented in such a way that it satisfied, not just our gustatory needs but also our imaginary wants. STK ta Bai! proved that they really do have the talent to create exceptional dishes. Added to that, the ambiance of the place was beautiful as well that you would forget that you are in the heart of the Metro. We would really recommend STK ta Bai! to those who would opt for a dashing seafood experience. In conclusion, we were fascinated with the guarantee of satisfaction that the store provided by showing us great dishes with their seafood galore.

Spending time with friends @STK Ta Bay!