Boracay please, not Bora

Boracay… The name that not only defines a white sand beach but also a perfect way to enjoy the summer heat. Located in the northwest corner of the Panay Island, the world-class beach has always been a beauty in the eyes of both locals and foreigners. Aside from the tropical heat and summer sea breeze, this multi-awarded island also offers fun activities that will never leave a dull moment during your stay. The flawless white sand of Boracay allures every visitor like a gentleman attracted to a pretty lady. As for me, feeling the absolute sand against my feet has been my heart’s desire eversince and that desire had finally become a reality.

Boracay Island…

Our journey started in Kalibo, Aklan, where we rode a van-for-hire vehicle to Caticlan and the fare was just a hundred pesos per person. It was an almost 2-hour trip but the view of the municipalities and towns basically entertained our excited eyes. Upon reaching the Caticlan Jetty Port, three windows welcomed us. The first window is for the pumpboat charge, which cost Php 25 for the day trip and Php 30 for the night navigation. The second window is for the environmental and admission fee that cost Php 75 only. Finally, the third window is for the terminal payment, which cost Php 100. When we were done with all the necessary charges, we then positioned ourselves in the pumpboat for the 10-min travel and apparently, “Boracay, here we come”.

Welcome to Caticlan Jetty Port!

Windows 1, 2 and 3 of Caticlan Jetty Port!!

Tickets!!! Tickets… Tickets.

This is the pumpboat to access the island from Caticlan.

We may be worn out from the trip but it never stopped us from exploring the wonders of the island. While my partner and I were walking on the sugary sand, the warmth of the sea breeze gave us the pleasure and thrill of our very first Boracay experience. When the sea waters rush against the seashore, they leave behind a faultless bed of sand and we look at it with insatiable admiration. The Beachfront path, like an ordinary sidewalk, has a lot of establishments along it where you can shop and dine. What caught my attention the most is the signage that says, “Boracay please, not Bora”. The signage can be found anywhere in the beachfront to support the movement to stop using ‘Bora’ to express the Boracay island.

Passageway at the d*mall towards station 2.

The island offers parasailing and kiteboarding!!

‘You are here!!’

Care for a souvenir? Handpainted shirts are for sale!!!

Consequently, the sun took its rest, however the people had risen from their sweet slumber. The darkness overshadowed the beach thus creating an environment suitable for what we call “night life”. After dinner, me and my partner then strolled around the beach to check what Boracay can offer. We then saw MO2 and spent a couple of hours there drinking and feeling the atmosphere. When we felt the intoxication rushing into our system, we then resumed our ambulatory escapade and found a place where reggae music filled the ambience. To our cheerful joy, the reggae band paused to give way for the fire dancers. Without further ado, let the fire dance!

MO2 in Boracay

Reggae jammin!!

Burn, baby, burn!!!

Fire dancing @Boracay!!!

Caught on fire…

The Boracay experience was indeed unforgettable, though we only stayed there overnight. My partner and I really fell in love with the island. It was an honor for us to be in the internationally renowned beach that we Filipinos own. My partner and I truly felt the pride walking along the shores of a highly respected place in our very own land. The name of that place is worth all the respect, so it should be Boracay please, not Bora.

Goodbye, Boracay!!! Til next time…

We rode the van directly to the airport because we had a flight to catch!

DebzTer @Boracay