A Night with the Bacoleños

For a month, we were so excited to go to Bacolod. When the day of our flight came, we were 2 hours early for our Cebu Pacific flight and so we had breakfast at Cafe Cesario in Mactan International Airport to somehow calm ourselves for the enthusiasm. When we were about to check-in that was an hour before the schedule, we were then told that the flight is now fully-booked! Apparently, we fought for our rights but to no avail. Finally, a verdict was directed to pacify us all and that is to take a land trip with a travel allowance from the airlines and a free flight as a compensation for ALL the inconvenience.

FREE flight card from Cebu Pacific

First stop was in Citilink, where we took a v-hire (a public van) from Cebu City to Toledo City. When we got to Toledo, we had to ride a trisikad or cycle rickshaw, which was Php7, to their pantalan or dock. Another alternative for the trisikad is to ride a tricycle, which is a motorcycle with an attached passenger sidecar, and that costs Php10 only. For the route Toledo City-San Carlos City, we took a ferry boat that costs Php210 for the reason that we opted to be in the Tourist Class. After an hour and 45 minutes in the sea, we finally reached San Carlos City but the tiring adventure did not stop there since we have to ride another tricycle to get to their terminal and consequently reach Bacolod City. Instead of taking a bus, we rode the v-hire instead because they are faster compared to the bus. Captivated by the view of the beautiful nature in Don Salvador Benedicto, another misfortune took place… It was raining so hard that our hearts were pounding together with the raindrops because we cannot see a single thing ahead of us. Fog there, fog here, fog everywhere! The sight of the city somehow brought us back to composure due to the fact that we were excited once again and grateful that we were still alive after the heavy rain and fog that welcomed us in Negros Occidental.

Boarding Danilo Lines Inc from Toledo to San Carlos City

V-hire from Cebu City to Toledo City, which would only cost Php100 with the travel time of almost 2 hours













V-hire fare from San Carlos to Bacolod was Php110 with an actual travel time of 2 hours

Amazingly, the Bacolod tricycle cost Php7 only











Since we love to eat, when we finally set our foot in Bacolod, we directly went to Robinsons Place to try their ever-famous Calea cakes. After that satisfying dessert, we then checked-in at the 11th Street Bed and Breakfast for our overnight accommodation. The place is neat and the rates are reasonable but getting the chance to check another lodging establishment by the name of Saltimboca Tourist Inn, I would instead recommend the latter. 11th Street is located meters away from the main road and, in the contrary, Saltimboca is just like a 2-minute walk to the major road. More or less the 2 have the same rates but Saltimboca has a swimming pool and a gazebo. Too bad, Saltimboca was too late but I know that there will be a next time to visit Bacolod and I am sure that I will be staying in Saltimboca already.

11th Street Lobby

11th Street Bed & Breakfast









Saltimboca Gazebo

Saltimboca Tourist Inn rates












For dinner, we went to Imay’s, a known seafood restaurant in the city. Since we were so full after the sumptuous meal, we then decided to stroll along the street of the city. We took the chance to visit the Provincial Capitol of Occidental Negros, for it is just located near Imay’s. The capitol has a park also where we saw for ourselves the stunning beauty of the entire place. Since the park closed by 12:00MN, we continued to walk along the street of the city of smiles.

DebzTer @Bacolod

Capitol Park & Lagoon is located at the heart of the City of Smiles










A sculpture of a man, pulling a carabao, that is situated at the other end of the lagoon

The Capitol Park & Lagoon









L' Fisher Hotel

Passing by Piazza Sorrento, a building with international-cuisine-mixed-with-fusion restaurants















C's CoffeeCakesChocolate












Getting tipsy @Art District

If Cebu has Mango for its night life, Bacolod has Art District












After sobering ourselves up after the drinking, we had breakfast, courtesy from 11th street. We appreciated the warmth of the sun during the morning… Without feeling the rush of everything. Since it was Sunday, we decided to pass by first in the Cathedral of San Sebastian. Afterward, we took the time of going back to the past of Bacolod by visiting to the Negros Museum.

Bells of the Church

Bacolod Cathedral of San Sebastian












The solemn aisle of the church

Tere was here











The devotees

The Cathedral











Faithfully saying their prayers

Nuestra Senora Virgen de Regla (Our Lady of the Rule)













The Negros Museum bulletin... The entrance fee of the museum is Php50

Buying candles









Another painting delineating their ways of hunting

A painting showing their activities of daily living












A wall frame @ the museum

"If a picture paints a thousand words then why can't I paint you?"













Toys from the past

A koi painting












Figurines during the time of the old Bacolod

Working figurines @ the museum









The museum hallway

A motorcycle in the museum












The talibong

My favorite painting among them all












Wall of books

The pseudo-reenactment












The Negros Museum

Wall frames











The ship when migrants flock to Negros

The stairs











Morse code

Chemical instruments from the old times









For me, this room is like a representation of how the old Bacolod ran its economy

If only the things can speak for themselves then we could know the history behind it all










"Floating in a silk kimono" -Memoirs of a Geisha

Geisha dolls













"Thank you for calling Negors Museum... How can I help you today?"

The people










The stairs

"What are you staring at?"








Museum Cafe

The Museum Cafe is a coffee shop that serves organic drinks... They do not serve instant coffee nor instant tea, etc











The journey ended at Bong bong’s Pasalubong Center, where we bought items for our family & friends in Cebu. Bong bong’s is located in the New Bacolod-Silay Airport so we took all the time to do the shopping. While I was in the airplane already, I somehow realized that being in Bacolod for one night made me recognize the simplicity of the people. I really miss Bacolod now that I got to know the people and the place. No wonder, it is known as the City of Smiles since their smiles and hospitality were the things I appreciated when I spent a night with the Bacolenos.

We made it... Yehey!