Breakfast on the Roof Deck

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It prepares a person to be mentally fit for whatever activities that he will be doing by improving his sense of concentration and apparently results in good performance. It would also provide physical strength throughout the day. Consequently, for us, breakfast is a time to share laughter with comrades from work. So, we took time to unwind at Harolds Hotel.

Bread with jam for me please?

Harolds Hotel serves typical Filipino breakfast food such as tocino..

Luncheon meat for breakfast is a standard meal for almost all people

Fruits for dessert...

Every pinoy's favorite and my favorite, itlog na maalat! In English, it is called Salted Egg..

Here in Harolds Hotel, you can mix ingredients to suit your taste buds...

Orange or pineapple juice? I loved them but I preferred coffee more..

Harolds Hotel offers breakfast buffet for Php199 and it already includes unlimited pancakes, plus you can choose whatever syrup you want to be your topping... syrups like raspberry, chocolate, etc are there to satisfy your traditional pancake breakfast. Of course, the price may change without prior notice so, I advice that you call the hotel first before checking them out. This is their number 63-32-505-7777.

Behind us is the amazing view of the mountains.

If a face can spell satisfaction then the picture itself would let you know!

Harolds Hotel really made a good job in offering such a buffet to cater those who are working in the BPO industry and those who have less time to prepare breakfast at home. Complimenting the food is the ambiance of the area. For us, the place was fantastic because we felt different while dining there. It was like dining while we were on top of the world, seeing everything below us. It was indeed a great experience when we had breakfast on the roof deck.

DebzTer @Harolds Hotel