Valentines at Cityscape

Why do people celebrate Valentines? What is on this day that is so important that everyone is rushing to the store getting stuff with hints of red and hearts. It has been quite sometime that I have not celebrated Valentines. As I have said to my partner, it is only important to new lovers and a single person who is looking for love. Eventually, I stopped celebrating Valentines because everyday is a good opportunity to show love and not only on February 14. Well, my partner convinced me well and we went on an official Valentines date.

Everyone knows that Valentines is an occasion that lovers exchange their love for each other through flowers, chocolates and cards. Tonight, I was able to see all of that affection. Love is all around the place and I hate to admit it but I like it. Balloons, flowers, chocolates, cakes and a lot of shimmering red things, it only means one thing, LOVE. And it’s all around us tonight.

We wanted to get away with the city crowd and had dinner at the newly opened Cityscape Hotel. I may say that the hotel may be a bit small compared to the five-star hotels but it surely had a cozy feeling of being at home.

This sophisticated chandelier would welcome you once you enter the Cityscape Hotel lobby

A lot of finishing touches may still need to be done for the hotel but they have outlived their name through their excellent customer service.  I may have to say, I am impressed. The valentines dinner setup filled the hotel ambiance.

The table setup... just for the two of us

While waiting for our food to be served

For food that was served that night, we had a set of fish fillet and pork tenderloin for main entree, Cityscape signature drink, a choice of mango dessert and a long stem rose for my lady.

Pork tenderloin

Fish fillet

Mango dessert

The hotel's signature drink

A long stemmed red rose

To be honest, when it comes to the food that was served that night, I shall say, it is below average. I am sorry to be harsh but once you dine in a hotel, you expect too much because you must get your money’s worth. The dining experience was not totally off because on how the food turned out but it was fine because I was not expecting that servers would go beyond what it means to have a good customer service, they have excellent customer service. The food took some time to be served but they were there informing that it will take some time for the food to be served. They always keep in touch with you on what you may need and they do exceed customer expectations when it comes to service. I salute you Cityscape for a job well done.

Valentines dinner with my partner is a very intimate date for us. It was not planned but it turned out perfect. It ended with releasing a sky lantern to the night clouds and watch it as it disappears through the night. I shall have this date again, next year. Happy Valentines Everyone.

DebzTer and the Sky Lantern @Cityscape Hotel