Reaching Bacolod was indeed an adventure for us. From the traumatic experience with Cebu Pacific to the time-consuming land trip to Negros, the start of our vacation was really frustrating. Salamat to Calea because the sweetness of their cakes showed us the brighter side of the story. Sweetened by the pastries, we were ecstatic for a moment that we forgot dinner. Searching for the best food in town, we decided to go to Imay’s.

Imay’s is a seafood restaurant located near the Capitol. The ambiance of the place was ethereal due to the fact that it is a typical cottage with marine decorations anywhere. Seeing the people enjoying their food made us so excited in ordering our dishes. We were not even hungry as a matter of fact, but we were just there to experience and taste the fresh seafood that our BacoleƱo friends are recommending. The illustrations themselves would let you know why they would really suggest Imay’s.

Welcome to Imay's

While waiting for our orders to be taken...

The hanging decorations of fishes made us feel like we were by the beach

"Can I take your order??"

So many food, so little time to try them all!!!

Crispy, crunchy, yummy!

"Appetizer pa lang, ulam na."

The soup lets out the taste of the shrimp and the aroma of the spices...

The image itself makes me hungry already

Simply delicious.

Eating at Imay’s was really worth it. It would even be an understatement if we would say that it was a sumptuous meal. Quality and quantity wise, it is more than that. If given the chance to be in Imay’s again, we would not say a word, for we would be more than glad to have our orders taken first by the waiters. Imay’s, for us, is the best seafood restaurant in Bacolod.

DebzTer @Imay's