Durano EcoFarm and Spring Resort

It’s been a long time since we haven’t written any blog. Shall I say, we have been busy for a while. A lot of life-changing decisions has to be made and adjustments that need to be conquered over time. We miss this part of our life wherein we get to sit and simply share one of the best and worse in Cebu and the rest of the country.


Stairway to the cold spring

We celebrated our 4th year anniversary in one of the best places I’ve been, Durano Ecofarm and Spring Resort. This is one of the places in Cebu wherein it would just take you about 2-3 hours bus ride from the city and a 15-20 minute habal-habal ride. It is one of the places that is very easy to find. Just take a bus ride at North terminal and take a stop at Carmen Market. From Carmen Market, habal-habal drivers are just visible and can take you to that place. Durano EcoFarm is just a few meters ahead Mt.Uragay Mountain Spring and Resort. The road is winding and a bit bumpy though.


Time for a cold dip

When you reach Durano EcoFarm and Spring Resort, you may not see the 5 pools that surround the area yet but instead a friendly staff will meet you at the entrance. Eventually, you have to go down the stairs (and I mean a lot of stairs) before you can reach haven. When I first saw the place, I fell in love with it. The spring resort is in the middle of a forest wherein all you can hear are people laughing, chirping of birds, calming sound of the crickets, breeze of the trees, gushing sound of the river and the elegance of its ambiance. I can indeed say, I am in paradise.

On a hot summer day, one just crave to be in a cold place. This is the perfect summer get away, far away from the city, from buildings, from cars, pollution and the city life. All you can see is just a forest that surround the cold spring. A forest in a perfect untouched habitat, this is the place we call ‘green’.


Nature’s Beauty

We stayed overnight in the mountain spring resort. We had a reservation for a cottage, a tent and we had brought along a tent with us too. We were allowed to grill our food at a spot where we were comfortable and eventually took a dip in the cold spring. They had 5 different pools that would range from kiddie up to 10ft deep. It is safe to bring your kids along. It was raining in the late afternoon but it just made the whole experience even more dramatic. Seeing the drops of rain from the trees, hearing the flowing sound of the river and listening to the different sounds of animals in the forest are the most memorable moments I had in the place. I am far away from the city but this is what I call home.

Enjoying the cold spring

Enjoying the cold spring

At night time, you can create your own bonfire to keep you warm throughout the night. Mobile signals can rarely be found but it is the best way to cherish every moment with your friends and family who’s with you on that trip. I am also impressed by the way the staff attended to the needs of their customers. You can visibly see them all around the place and by every request you make, they would surely try to deliver in the most appropriate time and in the best manner. Though we only had a short time in Durano EcoFarm and Spring Resort but it will surely be a memory that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I will surely visit this place again. If you want to get away from the city life and be with nature at its best condition, then this is the perfect place that we can recommend.

Having the time of our lives

Having the time of our lives