“Tuslob Buwa” – The New Lechon of Cebu

Tuslob Buwa, does that ring a bell? Well, this is the new craze in Cebu. A lot has asked what that is and if it is even safe.

Tuslob buwa had already existed in Cebu, probably, for about more than 20 years. It emerged in the streets of Pasil, Cebu City. Whoever made that exotic delicacy is perfectly brilliant. It is a combination of spices, aromatic flavours and of course, the main ingredient, pig’s brain. No one really knows who started it but some say that it was created as an appetizer to some “carenderia” (local restaurant) until it became the main dish.

The main star, Pig's Brain

The main star, Pig’s Brain

In Pasil, they have this large wok and they cook the mixture of spices and pig’s brain in it. When the mixture would start to thicken, the froth then would create “buwa” (bubble) and that is when people would start dipping the “puso” (hanging rice) into the bubbles. The name of the dish originated from that way of eating, dipping the hanging rice into the boiling or bubbling soup thereby naming it as “Tuslob Buwa”.

Looks delicious

Looks delicious

It never got to the limelight due to sanitation and high health risks. In Pasil, they do it in a way wherein it is a common frying pan that everybody would just dip the hanging rice into the bubbling soup. Did I also mention that after eating a portion of the hanging rice, people would just dip again into the boiling mixture? Oh yes, they do, and that is practically the reason why it has been reported to be one of the major reasons for Hepatitis and some other health hazards.

Eventually, it became popular in Cebu because some had made innovations to eliminate the potential health threats. Instead of having a common frypan, you will be provided with your own butane stove, a skillet and the ingredients of the dish on your table. It is just like the traditional shabu-shabu style.


The ingredients

The ingredients

This is where Papart’s Tuslob Buwa came in. They serve this exotic delicacy just exclusively for you or your group and they have made their own twist. The chef made sure that the original taste of the popular Tuslob Buwa is retained and to top it all, she enhanced the flavour of the dish to be classified as a gourmet. Their dish retained the creaminess of the pig’s brain and the aromatic flavours will surely satisfy your palate. One of their customers even claimed it as the new Lechon of Cebu due to its popularity and gustatory satisfaction. All have duplicated this dish but only Papart’s Tuslob Buwa perfected it.

They have only existed for a month now but they are the talk of the town. They also offer different varieties of barbeque: pork, chorizo, isaw (chicken intestines) and Virginia hotdog. They have their own Mexican sauce for their barbeque that made it even more interesting. If you will check their Facebook page, you can confirm that a customer claimed their barbeque is far better than AA’s BBQ and Larsian. No one can find these dishes in other restaurants for the reason that the chef created her own recipe for the sauces and made sure that they are not on quantity but on quality. It is a must-try for both tuslob buwa and barbeque lovers.

Barbeque in Mexican Sauce

Barbeque in Mexican Sauce

They have also recently released their very own dessert, Chocoffee Panna Cotta. It is an Italian version for leche flan. A perfect way to end a satisfying crave for gustation. I have also heard that they are about to release their own version of sisig. I cannot wait to try it!

Chocoffee Panna Cotta

Chocoffee Panna Cotta

Location may be a bit challenging since it is not at the heart of the city but they can be found in Tipolo, Mandaue City. For sure this is the place that you would surely want to visit because it is just going to be the first of the many. You may check their Facebook page for more information:



~Photo credits to Papart’s Tuslob Buwa


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