Jawili Falls

Summer only happens once a year but if you are in the Philippines, the perfect summer location will never be as scarce as hen’s teeth. The Philippine archipelago has so much to offer when it comes to amazing beaches and beautiful waterfalls. For the 7,107 islands, you will never run out of places to discover. The good thing is that summer is finally here and we are in the mood to explore the calming wonders of our land. So, gear up and let’s now travel to the divine nature of Jawili, Tangalan, Aklan.

Welcome to Jawili Falls Eco-Park

Jawili Falls

Tangalan is a municipality in Aklan and is currently working on some tourists spots, including the Jawili Falls. The falls is just an hour away from Kalibo, the capital of Aklan. Since the falls is famous of its 7 water basins, there was never a second thought in visiting the enchanting pride of the barrio of Jawili. During our trip, we were entertained by the fantastic view of the mountains and the rice crops. When we reached the falls, we felt nothing but heartfelt interest.

This is one of the 7 basins… Looks like a pool

This is the passageway to the last basin

The basins

Jawili Falls is indeed a joy to everyone because it gives a sense of adventure to those who want one and a sense of appreciation to those who loves nature. The falls is being managed by the Municipal of Jawili in order to promote tourism in their place. The slippery rocks of the waterfalls and the kind heat of the sun made us enjoy summer so much. Hiking during summertime may be a tough way for an exercise but we never felt the pressure due to the mere fact that the falls have 7 basins, which we can have a stop over and be basked under the sun. Without a doubt, summer is more fun when you are in Jawili Falls.

DebzTer @Jawili Falls

2 comments on “Jawili Falls

  1. What a small world my friend. I was there a few years back but I never got the chance to enjoy the Falls fully since it was a dry Summer but I got to visit the spring resorts and the beach nearby. It is a beautiful place. My sister lives in Aklan and they go there every now and then. Love the post!

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