Food over Service

Dong Juan is a pizza and burger place located at the heart of Cebu. The restaurant started on December 2008 in Emilio Osmeña Street, Guadalupe. Since their diners are increasing in numbers, they opened 4 other branches: The Persimmon, One Mango Avenue, Crossroads and the recently opened branch in AS Fortuna, Banilad. They offer a casual dining experience to people who wishes to eat with their family and friends. So, it would be easy to try this resto because they can be found anywhere within the metropolis.

Dong Juan @One Mango Avenue

My partner and I and some friends tried their branch in One Mango Avenue. Since ‘crowd’ is a common term once you are in Mango Avenue, it did not surprise us to see the restaurant full of diners. Luckily, some of our friends were already there, so table and chairs were not an issue. We then ordered their baby back ribs, chicken wings and their ever-famous burger. To our dismay, it took forever for our orders to be served in our table.

Their signature drink... The bottled iced tea

Baby Back Ribs

Chicken Wings

Dong Juan Burger

The entire experience was nothing but ordinary. We understand that the staff might have a hard time coping with all the orders of their customers but hearing the same complain by other people about their customer service and their serving time would really make me wonder if their prices are really worth it. The food is amazing though, my partner and I even loved their back ribs and burger. I hope, in our next visit, their customer service would really make up to what we experienced during our first visit. So far, based on our first impression, it is food over service.

Debzter with friends @Dong Juan

4 comments on “Food over Service

  1. been wanting to go there for years but haven’t found an occasion to do so lol.. the pics make everything look sooo appetizing..
    hala, si chai!! 😀

    • oh.. you should try their food soon because it really tastes good.. they now have many branches to cater you… they have one in guadalupe, one mango avenue, the persimmon, crossroads and their new branch is in AS Fortuna, Banilad. ^_^

  2. Thank you for your comments. We are happy that you enjoyed our food and apologize for the slow service you experienced last Feb, 18,2012. Dong Juan Mango only started operations last October 2011, and we try our best to improve our services as the months go by. I would like to invite you and your friends to come visit Donng Juan Mango again and see and feel the difference in service, Looking forward to your next dining experience at Dong Juan Mango.

    • It has been quite sometime that we have visited Dong Juan Mango. We have seen how your business grow through the years. A huge improvement on service and shall I say, you’re one of the few restaurants that I will always look forward in visiting.

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