Pre-Christmas Dinner

Christmas is the time when everybody is merry. It is a grand design to bring families and friends together in simple ways. Waterfront hotel offers a white Christmas to everyone. With the snow man and the Christmas lights, my partner and I were convinced that it was the perfect place to spend time together during this holiday season. Amazed by their setup in the Gourmet Walk and by their food, we never regretted a thing.

Buffet dinner @ The Port

Madeleine's menu

For the sweet tooth

Yummy cakes

Cool and delicious pastries

An array of french bread

Christmas is indeed meaningful when you get to spend it with your loved ones. It is the special time of the year when we only smile to problems and only hope to hopelessness. Love is indeed in each one’s heart during this time of the year. Every minute counts because Christmas time is family time. We simply had an enthusiastic moment with my partner during our pre-Christmas dinner. Merry Christmas to all!

DebzTer @ Madeleine

5 comments on “Pre-Christmas Dinner

  1. I’m trying to diet for the New Year Party but I had to eat one truffle after seeing this images….
    Happy New Year my friend. Wishing you love, joy , tons of laughter, great health and yes, lots of serene peace for 2012….

    • wow! well, as for me, i havent thought of my new year’s resolution yet.. i might consider to try to diet also… hehe… c:

      Happy new year as well! wishing you all the best things in life for you and your family for the new year.. take care… 😀

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