Cebu Energy Development Corporation Christmas Party

Black & White theme

Christmas is indeed a time to be with the people who are dear to you. People from your own family, from your circle of friends and from your workplace would get together to celebrate a time when everyone is merry. Christmas party is apparently the best time of the year to make joyful moments worth remembering. Forget about the responsibilities both at home and at work because christmas parties are possible to bring the child out in every individual. So, sit back, relax and enjoy…

The buffet table

The buffet table

The Menu

Complimenting the fun is the beautiful works of the culinary art. The cool presentation also added to the overall impact of the activity. It has been a delightful event to be with your comrades and to celebrate this annual gathering together. Christmas parties are entertainingly something to look forward to every year. To Cebu Energy Development Corporation, Merry Christmas.

Mardigras Fresh Garden Salad with croutons

Highlighting the Mardigras Fresh Garden Salad with croutons is the Swan

Hamonada ala Mardigras

Mexican Baked Ribs

Mardigras Fusion Spaghetti

Leche Flan and Tropical Fruits

Plating and Presentation

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