Beau Gabriel’s Christening

Welcome to the Christian world, Beau Gabriel

Located at Busay Hills, Cebu City, Roosevelt Mountain Resort, just sitting next to Mountain View Nature’s Park, is a few meters away from the city. The spacious 4,000 sq mtr. resort can be solely yours for a rental fee of Php6,000 per day with no head limit. Just like a typical hotel, they have a check-in time of 2:00pm and a check-out time of 12:00nn. With the breath-taking scenery of the city, you can certainly get pure relaxation in the area. So, imagine yourself, waking up with the sunrise on your face and when you are about to hit the sack, you get to enjoy the amazing lights from the metropolis in a private villa.

The house at nighttime

You will pass through this area if you will go to the pool from the house

Roosevelt Mountain Resort has a pool that you can use anytime you want during your stay

Roosevelt Mountain Resort Amenities: 2 Bed rooms (1 room with air-con, 1 room with no air-con), Kitchen with Dining Area, Sofa, 2 comfort rooms and shower

Beau Gabriel had his christening celebration in Roosevelt Mountain Resort. Approximately, 70 persons attended the reception and each one were dazzled with the cool view of the city. We, Mardigras Cuisine, serviced the event with a 3 course menu. The menu was individually specified by the mother of Beau to add a personal touch in their family gathering. Welcome to the Christian world, Beau Gabriel.

The menu

Buffet table with the entertaining view of the fascinating lights in the city

Highlighting the buffet table is the cake on the rotating cake holder

Tables and chairs in the veranda


The cake by Goldilocks

Chicken Cordon Bleu with Aioli Dip

Fish Fillet with Sweet and Sour Sauce

The proud parents of Beau Gabriel

14 comments on “Beau Gabriel’s Christening

  1. hi! im very interested in renting out the place. what tips can you give me? is the place accesible? im also concerned about the budget, with the place rental plus food what should be the estimated budget? im planning my daughters first birthday and i want an american b-b-q themed party.

    • about the place, the name of the area is Roosevelt Mountain Resort. the resort is actually not that very accessible with public transportation but you can make a deal with jeepney drivers who can provide you a round trip transportation.. as far as i know, the entire place has a rental charge of Php8000 but Php2000 of the fee is subject for reimbursement if there would not be any damages found within the vicinity… i suggest, for more information, try calling the resort… 😀

      with regard to the budget of the food, it would actually depend if you will hire a catering service or not due to the fact that Roosevelt has a kitchen wherein you can cook food, and the number of people would matter as well. now, if you are considering the idea of having a catering service, our very own Mardigras Cuisine is very affordable, for our per head rate is only Php190 and it already includes 4 main courses, 1 dessert, 1 set of tropical fruits, rice and 1 round of softdrinks.. what makes our catering service special is that you would personally pick the food of your choice for the main courses… since you want an american bbq themed party, you may select whatever food you want, for the party, with our wide selection of menu. however, since the resort is located miles away from the heart of the city, we would require an additional Php1500 for the transportation payment but if your party is just within cebu city & mandaue city, there would be no transportation charge at all. c:

      i hope, i was able to provide you helpful tips.. ^_^

  2. thank you so much for the wonderful tips, i will consider them in our planning. we are still trying to finalize everything, i sure hope we can push it through because i really like the place. Thank you!

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