A Healthy Alternative

Tubo Cane Juice

Sugarcane is a crop, indigenous in Asia, that is a good source of natural sugar. There has been a lot of ways on how to consume those tall perennial grasses aside from producing table sugar. Here in the the Philippines, sugarcane is mainly produced in Negros, Luzon, Panay and Mindanao. Aside from Negros, Cebu is also contributing to the national production of the sugarcane here in the country. So, why look for imported products when you can have your natural resources just right next to you?

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Just recently, we decided to go to Parkmall, a mall in Mandaue, to chill because the heat of the sun was excruciating and we felt like we were on a desert. Roaming around, we came to a stop at a store where they sell out drinks made out of natural sugar. At first, we doubted if it tasted good due to the fact that we were really not that fond of natural juices. In order to make sure that we will not regret our decision, we asked the clerk what were their best selling drinks and she then said that the first and the second in-demand drinks are Tubo Mansi and Tubo Orange, respectively. So, we placed our orders.

The Extractor

The clerk showing us how to extract the juice from the sugarcane

If I were to describe the taste of the refreshment, I would say “It’s way beyond Great!”. I used to sip the juice directly from the crop when I was young and it took a lot of effort just to get a drip of the extract but due to innovative technologies everything seems to be easier this time. Now you could really say, it’s a refreshment that would quench your inner thirst. It’s natural, it’s healthy & most of all it tastes great! I can’t wait to try their other flavors but I would suggest take their best seller which is the Tubo Mansi, it’s a sweet refreshing drink with a hint of our local version of lemon.

Benefits of tubo

We never expected to have finally come for an alternative for carbonated drinks to quench our thirst. Thanks to Tubo Cane Juice, for they not only satisfy our thirstiness but they apparently give us health benefits, like sore throat and flu prevention, decrease in risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus and cancer, and increase in kidney functionality and peristaltic movements. Aside from those advantages, tubo can serve as an energy drink as well for those who love sports and for those who want to increase their endurance. Having the chance to taste and be benefited by the tubo juice, we really recommend the drink especially to those who are into a healthy lifestyle.

Enjoying tubo

4 comments on “A Healthy Alternative

    • yep, very interesting… that was the very same thing that made us try tubo. hmm… i have not thought about the price also… but I know it may be a bit pricey but its worth the money you have paid for. If I may have to compare their prices to the existing “Thirsty” station or some other refreshment booth, I would still say Tubo has reasonable price for something that’s way beyond ordinary.

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