Japanese With A Twist

Japanese food has always been an inspiration to a lot of chef. Japanese has a distinct way of cooking that is almost close to perfection. Most Japanese are very articulate especially on the way the food is cooked and on how it is presented. Japanese cuisine is very particular when it comes to seasonality of food, quality of ingredients and food presentation. I even know a Japanese chef that once he takes a look at a food presentation he makes sure that the knife that was used is extremely sharp to prevent unusual formation. It’s considered a shame to him if he would be able to see a very tiny smudge on his food presentation. I love food & the art on how it is presented but Japanese art for me is way extraordinary.

We recently discovered a unique Japanese Restaurant that practices fusion. They have a way wherein they would infuse different ingredients to practically change the flavor and presentation of known Japanese food. It’s different but it taste absolutely Asian-perfect. One of our favorite dishes that would make us crave in their restaurant is their selection of Crunchy Makis. They have a selection for Ebi, Tuna & Kani. California Crunch would also be part of that selection since it’s a Maki with a crunchy twist. Here’s a glimpse of what I’m talking about:

Illustration from Red Kimono

Image from Red Kimono

So now, do you get what I mean? It’s Japanese with a twist of something extraordinary. You just can’t simply get enough from their menu because you will really see something out of the ordinary & you would want to try almost anything & everything on their selection. For Sushi & Sashimi addicts, get a load of this:

Photo from Red Kimono

Picture from Red Kimono

Illustration from Red Kimono

Image from Red Kimono

We have also tried their Chicken Kamameshi, a rice topping dish that is served in a unique wooden pot. If you want to go healthy then you should try Mixed Kamameshi, it’s a dish that’s more on veggies that is cooked with rice until perfection. Once you open the pot you would be able to smell the unique scent of the ingredients being steamed and the additional flavor the wooden pot is infusing on the dish. We can relate to this type of cooking like cooking the rice inside the bamboo pole wherein the bamboo would add up flavor to the rice.

Photo from Red Kimono

It’s amazing what this restaurant can offer. There was even a point when we visited their restaurant and they had a contest for the best chef that could invent a new fusion Japanese dish, the contest was more specific to makis. It would really show that they would not settle to their menu only but they continue to innovate the type of dishes they would serve their customers. Great taste, great presentation, what more can you ask for?

Waiting for our food...

and so we were satisfied.

8 comments on “Japanese With A Twist

  1. Reading this (at 10am my time) is making me hungry. That’s probably one reason I rarely have food photos when traveling–b/c by the time I remember to take a photo, the meal is half eaten. I’ve been to a few places in Asia only and hope to come back soon, and maybe visit Cebu–looks fantastic in your post. Thanks for stopping by, and see you on the blogosphere!

    • me also… the illustrations are enough to make me hungry already. amazing! i really do admire people who loves to travel… and to try the food of those places that were visited. keep it up! see yah! =P

    • ty for the comment. that’s actually a good question because i love to travel, to eat and to write… those three may not be done at the same time but i love words and i use them to put into writing my experiences both in the places that i traveled and the food that i tasted. 🙂

    • yap, i could not agree more! my partner and i, together with an office mate, would actually try another japanese restaurant today.. care to join??? oh well, japanese cuisine is really something. you cant describe it but you keep on craving for it.. c”,)

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