Crazy for Krispy Kreme

Does that name ring a bell? I’m sure it does! Recently Krispy Kreme opened stores in Cebu. October 22, 2011 was the date when people got all excited & crazy for their opening at Ayala Center Cebu and Asiatown IT Park. As early as 6pm last October 21, 2011 people were already falling in line for the branch opening at Ayala Center. It caught my attention as to why this people are so crazy about doughnuts that it’s driving them nuts to try this pastry. Can you just imagine falling in line overnight just to get a doughnut?! I researched & checked some information & luckily I found what I was looking for, Krispy Kreme was giving away a 1-year supply of Original Glazed Doughnuts and Signature Coffee prize certificate (one dozen and seven cups per week) to their first customer, 6-months supply for the 2nd customer, 3-months supply for the 3rd customer and the 4th to the 100th customer gets 1-month free supply of doughnuts! No wonder people were all around the store on that day. If we only knew the reason for the craze, we would be the first in line.

Here’s one of the links I bumped into:

A lot of people have always been talking about Krispy Kreme even before they opened stores in Cebu, our friends who always go to Manila have only one “pasalubong” in mind, Krispy Kreme! Krispy Kreme has a big name on the industry & I mean BIG! The company has over 600 outlets globally & still growing.

I love doughnuts but not to the extent that I would crave for them. It caught my attention though on the publicity this doughnut store is having so, I gave it a try after 2 days their store opened. Since the store just launched, people who are so into doughnuts, as expected, already fall in line even an hour or two before it opens. We did the same just to make sure we wont get behind all the stories.

I fell in love with their doughnut store in IT Park branch because they would show on how they make their ever popular glazed doughnuts. They have impressive selection of assorted flavors for doughnuts and even some flavors that you can’t think would be possible in a doughnut, they did it exquisitely alright! They outlived one of the company values which is “Impeccable presentation is critical wherever Krispy Kreme is sold”.


I have to say on the first time I took a bite of their doughnut, gosh! It indeed melts in your mouth. By the time you would realize its taste you would be able to say why they named their store Krispy Kreme, it’s simply a creamy doughnut & an irresistible pastry! I would suggest everyone should try it. My personal favorites are “Peanut Butter & Kreme” and “Caramel Kreme Crunch”.

It may be expensive for a doughnut but once you’ve tasted it, I know you’d say “Forget the price!”. Original Glazed is priced at P35 & Assorted is P44 each. The store also offers discounted prices for a dozen or more orders. I have tried their bacon & cheese pull apart but I’m not impressed on how it turned out so, at this point let’s stick with the doughnuts. And just a head’s up, Krispy Kreme is going to open a branch in SM Cebu about 2 months from now. Krispy Kreme is going to have a total of 3 branches in Cebu within a quarter, not bad at all.

If you’re having a bad day, let’s stop, talk awhile & let’s have a doughnut with coffee. It will surely brighten up your day. Cheers Everyone! Cebu now has Krispy Kreme!