Reaching Bacolod is indeed a very tiring journey, so we settled first at Robinsons Place Bacolod to have something to eat and apparently to take some time off the travel. Since we have co-workers from Bacolod, it was never a hard time for us to decide where to eat and stay there. By unanimous decision, Calea was advised to us and so we took our first stop-over at Calea. They said that Calea have 3 branches in Bacolod but we only got to visit 2 of them. The first one was in Robinsons Place Bacolod… The small store is actually located just beside the entrance door. The second branch that we went to see was the main branch already that was located at Lacson St.

The wide selection of the cakes

What's your order?


I'm drooling just seeing the image

This is for me only

We just don't want to eat the cake... Merely looking at the cake already made us satisfied

If this is sinful then we have sinned

Main branch

This main store is located near the L'Fisher Hotel

Once you are in Calea, you will have a different perspective of pastries. The affluence of the cakes and the presentation would make it a hard time to choose which to order. Our trip in Bacolod was sweetened by the cakes from Calea… Sweet memories stored in our hearts and that will surely last for a lifetime. So, the next time that I will be in Bacolod, I will certainly visit Calea again.

Calea in Robinsons Place Bacolod

10 comments on “Calea

    • We would love to try your list as well! We only stayed in Bacolod for a night. We had limited time to discover the wonders of the place but we know, for sure, that the visit would just be the start of our journey… :p

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