Danasan Eco-Adventure Park

Have you ever think of a place where there is nothing but adventure? What about a place outside the crazy toxic life in the metropolis? I, for myself, love adventure and an out of town experience so my partner and I thought for days as to where we can apparently spend the weekend… Here in Cebu, we have a lot of choices but when we heard of a park in a mountain barangay in Danao, we researched for the place and hence Danasan Eco-Adventure Park was known. So, what’s there to wait? Danasan Park, here we come!

From Mandaue City, we rode a jeepney to reach the Danao City Bus Terminal that cost us P30 for the fare. Upon reaching the terminal, options were given as to how we can reach the park. We can ride a jeepney, which cost P60, or a habal-habal (a public motorcycle modified to seat more than 2 persons) but for the fare, I advice that you would have negotiations first with the habal-habal driver. For our trip though, it just cost us P100 from Danao to Danasan. For an hour, we were amazed by the road to Danasan… From the beautiful view of the mountains to the river streaming on the road. For a suggestion, go there when it is sunny or else, you will have to cross the rushing river yourself. Finally, we arrived in Danasan and it was our privilege to meet the owner, who was very kind and accommodating. Certainly, we will have the adventure that we were looking for.

Welcome to Danasan Eco-Adventure Park


You can bring food & drinks inside the park but for day use, you can stay in the clubhouse and they will provide a table and chairs for free...

Want to climb the wall???

Hanging bridge, is that you? The tree in the right, by the way, is the only way to get down and that is by rappelling.

The veranda of the rooms!

This is the room good for 8 persons, this room is only P2400... With the comfortable beds and a clean restroom, the price is reasonable!

This is the room for 4 persons and the rate of P1200 is indeed worth it!!

This big cottage also comes with a cable-ready TV!!

This cottage is a public house that can accommodate more than 10 people... The rate is P200 per person.

The cottage also has a refrigerator and a kitchen inside!

The cottage has a terrace overlooking the grotto and the wake boarding lake!!

The park also accepts religious gatherings!!!

This is Maam Dina showing the second floor of the cottage...

Debbie doing the zipline! Zipline is P200 only!!

Tere doing the zipline... For the zipline, it would be 420 meters from the start to the end and in going back to the start point, it will be horseback riding.

Debbie & Falcor

Tere and Dagul

DebzTer with Falcor, the white horse from the "White Castle" commercial... Horseback riding is P200 also and you will have the chance to roam around the extensive park.

Wake Boarding... This would cost you a reasonable price of P1200/hr only and you can have your friends share that rate with you.

More of wake boarding!

Wake Boarding in action...

For the gear, you have to rent it for a hundred pesos per set!!!

Since we did not bring spare clothing, we did not try this water sport!!! But soon... Watchawt.

"The hills are alive with the sound of music." -Sound of Music movie

"Climb every mountain!" -Sound of Music movie

View of the mountains

Everything was indeed perfect… From the fun adventures that we had to the very wonderful staff of Danasan. Should you want to inquire more about the park, you may contact their office in Cebu City at (6332) 234 0773. However, for confirmed bookings, I would suggest that you would contact Maam Dina, days before going there, to assist you in the park… You can reach her at (63) 0932 165 7319. The day in Danasan made us feel advanced adventures that blew our minds away… Danasan Eco-adventure Park offers not just merely relaxation but also the time to establish a deeper bond between families or friends. So, what are you waiting for? Have your schedules booked now and see you there… =P

24 comments on “Danasan Eco-Adventure Park

  1. wow. i’ve never heard of this place…thanks for sharing about this place. mu adto nya ko kung naa napud holiday. it’s pretty nice. but can we go there with a private vehicle? hope u could share a map.

  2. Yup, you can go there with a private vehicle! With regard to the map, I am not able to find one… The place is so far. I would suggest that you contact their Cebu office because they also offer shuttle services! 🙂

  3. hi, we tried to go there last Friday (Sep. 9, 2011). but we didn’t push through because according to a friend, plenty of “rebelde” daw. from the main road, it will be like an hour or more to reach the park. they have a nice view raba unta. 🙂

    • yap, it would take an hour to get there but based on our observation, all we saw was friendly people! as a disclaimer though, dont take our word for it because that was what we observed during the day that we were there!! yep, the view was indeed fascinating!!! =)

  4. hello…we already called Danasan office for booking but was doubt to pursue our adventure this coming saturday kay as i heard naa daw daghan mga amazing people(rebels)is it true? paki up date naman please..

    • hello there! hmm… so far, when we went there, there was nothing to see but beautiful scenes.. the amazing view made us captivated… when we went home, the same feeling was there. try to call them again and get some information about their shuttle.. at least, in that way, you will feel secured, for you are in their official service… 🙂

  5. hi…tried contacting their cebu office but i cannot get thru… can someone give me their contactnum?

    • Hello, Christine. When we went there, both the Cebu Office number and the mobile number of Maam Dina were still active.. As of now, we do not have direct communication with them, however we suggest that you check their facebook account for more information… 🙂

  6. is it ok to bring my 2yr old daughter there? or just leave her at home instead?? what would u recommend??

    • that is actually a good question. personally speaking, if you have a private vehicle, you may bring her but if you will just go for public transportation, i suggest, no.. however, rhea, this comment is just my own point of view… the decision is yours and, just a disclaimer, we will not be held accountable to the consequences of your decision. thank you for the inquiry.. c:

    • well, for that, the travel time is an hour from danao proper. during the first half of the trip, you will enjoy the smoothness of the road.. however, the second half of it, you will then experience the rocky roads of the mountainside… 🙂

  7. Hello travelling writer, Do we need a 4 wheel drive vehicle? Or a car can reach safely on the place? Does the road is risky with cliff at its side? I just to make sure coz I plan to travel there with my kidz in a car. Thanks.

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