Rainforest Park Cebu

Everyone is now into rest and recuperation. Rest in a sense that they will have relief from the routinary activities of daily living. Each one also wants the period of recuperation from the mental and physical pressure that we face every day. Likewise, my partner and I, together with our friends, took a time off from reality by bringing out the child in us. We decided to take a tour in the newly-opened park in the heart of the metropolis, Rainforest Park Cebu.

The Rainforest Park Cebu had its grand opening on August 18, 2011 and this is their Oceanarium Restaurant, which is a 100-seater restaurant with wall-sized aquariums and a man-made forest inside the establishment

Just like in Singapore, they also have a floor simulated fountain

Tribe's Bar, for your booze

If your vanity would strike, Oasis Spa and Salon would be the BEST place for you

Just had our pictures taken OUTSIDE Jungle Adventure because we were not wearing rubber shoes... Too bad!

An obstacle in their Jungle Adventure

Ziplining @Jungle Adventure

Wall climbing @Jungle Adventure

Karting for kids @Jungle Adventure

Jungle Adventure is the first adventure spot in the city

Snack Bar, Rules & Regulations, and Rates of Jungle Adventure

With the very accommodating staff @Oceanarium Restaurant

Dishes in the Oceanarium Restaurant are Filipino-inspired

Behind us is their man-made forest @Oceanarium Restaurant

For inquiries & reservations, this is the Rainforest Park Cebu's contact details... How to get there? I have a map for you

After the tour, we decided to chill out @Zoofari Cafe

Pastries @Zoofari Cafe

Zoofari Cafe, operated by Red Mist

Zoofari Cafe's Hours of Operation

Relaxing @Zoofari Cafe

Refreshing drinks @Zoofari Cafe

Chilling out @Zoofari Cafe

R is for rain due to the fact that it did not stop us from enjoying the park. R is for rest, for we got the chance to minimize the stress that we are facing both from work and other stuff. R is for recuperation for the reason that we had fun and forgot all the troubles in the world. R is for the Rainforest Park Cebu since it let us feel adventure and taste sumptuous food & drinks. R is for recommendation because we really recommend Rainforest Park Cebu to people from different walks of life… Have fun and relax in the first adventure park in the city of Cebu!

Rainforest Park Cebu