Japanese Carenderia, Only found in Cebu…

You’ve heard it right, Japanese Carenderia in Cebu! We had same reaction, “What, is it even possible?!” Japanese Restaurants are known to be very expensive & most of the people cannot even afford to be in those kind of restaurants. Joed’s Lutong Hapon proved me wrong, tasty Japanese dishes can be affordable and shared with it’s exquisite taste.

“Carenderia” is a native term for a Filipino Restaurant that offers affordable rates for Filipino dishes that is in a structure close to a native Filipino home. Joed’s Lutong Hapon corrected that description, it is not only exclusive for Filipino dishes but also includes variety of dishes all over the world that offers authentic cuisines at a very low price. What can get any better than that?!

Joed’s Lutong Hapon recently transferred location due to its high demand and popularity that it could no longer accommodate its customers in its original location. The restaurant focuses more on “Izakaya” dining which means they serve food to accompany the drinks, in which they are popular, casual places for after-work drinking. You would also be able to find paper lanterns in their restaurant because these are traditionally found infront of Izakaya.

If you wanna get a picture on the food they serve and how it costs, take a look at this:

Amazing, isn’t it? They have a lot more choices on their menu besides the one that is posted on their wall.

More food choices, more of Japanese food and more satisfaction to your Japanese food cravings. The thing that impresses me most is the way their food taste. It may not be likely similar to authentic Japanese food but they have a certain kind of fusion that would enhance the taste of Japanese food that would suit and compliment our Filipino palate. Let’s try to say with their California Maki, usual ingredients would be cucumber, crabstick and mango rolled with sushi rice and nori(dried seaweed) but with their own twist, they have added cream cheese to compliment & enhance its taste which makes it different but it does really taste good than any ordinary California Maki.

So what are you waiting for, grab a cab then go to ENmore Residence Hall, 257 A. Jose Avila st. cor. Ma. Cristina Ext., Kamputhaw 6000 Cebu, Philippines (near Sacred Heart School- Hijas de Jesus (formerly Sacred Heart School for girls) which is now their current location.

8 comments on “Japanese Carenderia, Only found in Cebu…

  1. That’s one totally cool concept. That would be a great way for everyone to appreciate this kind of food and more affordable as well .I love Japanese food. One of my favorite is the salmon Sashimi. Taste like butter. So, delicious! I usually go to Tokyo one or Todai for their Japanese buffet. I try to skip the rice and head for the main deal- the raw salmon, tuna and mackerel dipped in Wasabi and soy sauce. Thanks.

    • Yup, it is indeed cool due to the fact that it is so affordable and the quality of the food is not compromised… We had lunch in their new location the other day and to our surprise, their prices did not change at all. Their new place, compared to the original store, has the ambiance of comfort and it has more space for its diners. hmm… I should try that recipe of yours someday… Sounds like its delicious. TY for sharing too! =P

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