Singapore Challenge

It was on April, 2011 that my partner and I booked our flights for Singapore, to think I did not have a passport yet! When the time came when my mother and I processed our passports already, the travel agent explained to us that DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) is having issues releasing passports.BOOM! My world went black when the agent frankly told us that it would take for a couple of months to have those government-issued documents released. I went helpless because that was in April and our flight was set on June, 2011. Good thing that our agent felt our frustrations and apparently advised us to submit a plea to DFA to make the passport processing fast. With full of hopes, my partner and I wrote a note to DFA begging them to have that national ID passed before our flight date. Each day, I was becoming hopeless but in the contrary, God did it. Hearing the DFA releasing officer that our passports were ready for pick up made my heart skipped a beat. The feeling was so impossible to describe! The agent was far more surprised than us due to the fact that they have clients who were waiting for their passports for more than a month already however, we had ours in less than a month! My partner and I were so ecstatic when the passports were in our hands. During that very moment, we realized that when God moves, anything is possible.

The day finally came and that was on the 23rd of June. My partner, my mother and I were an hour early for the flight in the airport. Typically, we checked in our bags but WAIT! An announcement that our flight was cancelled was made. To my dismay, I want to cry and be down on my knees just to allow the plane to fly us to Singapore. Negotiations… Co-management… Everything was done by the airlines just to accommodate our powerless hopes and disappointment. God then overshadowed us with a blessing that we were taking another plane but there was a condition though, instead of a direct flight to SG, we will have a connecting flight via Manila.We did not care at all, for we did not want Singapore to wait for us for another day. It is indeed true that when a door closes, a window opens.

In NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport), we boarded the plane to SG at around 7:00PM and it took off after a couple of minutes.Everything inside the plane was cozy. From the pillow on our seat, to the dinner,to the movie, we did not feel we were on a plane at all but the rain made the ride like that of a roller coaster. We tried ourselves not to look afraid for the reason that we knew that ever since we processed the passport, God was there with us. Without knowing, we then reached the Singaporean borders.Ahead of us were glittering lights of the metropolis, like we were in front of a galaxy. We were absolutely so excited to get to know the Lion City more. However, before the enthusiasm depart from our earthly bodies, we have to pass through the Singapore immigration first. We were like tiny individuals to those big immigration officers, not literally though. We fell in line and when it was my turn, this nice lady then asked me questions. I thought that was it since my partner and my mother passed through the officer without any hassle. The officer instructed me to continue the process somewhere while pointing to another officer, I did not bother to inquire as to why and where because apprehension started to disturb me. Another interview was done by two funny men and when we were done, I was advised to follow another lady for fingerprinting. After which, they gave me back my passport and I was discharged. When I passed through the door, I breathe a sigh of relief, like a prisoner who had his freedom back.

Life is indeed full of surprises but it is not all that bad. People may think that their lives are full of hopeless problems while in the contrary, others think that problems are challenges. Challenges in a sense that they would make your world go round and your life colorful. For me, challenges are ways for you to hope and work at the same time and to eventually enjoy the fruit of your labor. From DFA to cancelled flights and from the heavy rain to the immigration, I then considered myself as PASSED in the Singapore Challenge.

6 comments on “Singapore Challenge

  1. Wow.. You went through a lot just to be in singapore. I’ve been there too for our honeymoon but thank God we didn’t have any problems coz we flew there the day after the wedding. I can’t imagine myself being in your shoe coz I really couldn’t take it anymore especially that I already experienced a lot of pressure during the wedding preparations. You are such a survivor debz. All the pain and hardships were paid off coz singapore is a very beautiful place to visit especially with your loved ones 😉

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