Let’s Go with Italian with a Hint of Mexican…

Italian cuisine is known all over the world. This is where culinary arts all started. Italian cuisine is known for its regional diversity, abundance in taste and known to be one of the most popular with great influences abroad. If we talk about french fries, spaghetti, pizza, espresso coffee, cheese, and wines, trust me its all about Italian taste! They are perfect when it comes to these categories. If we talk about each of these categories, one day would not be enough to discuss all the contributions they have made. When it comes to food, I’ve got no one else to blame but European influence.

Mexican Cuisine is known for its varied flavors, colourful decoration, and variety of spices and ingredients. Mexican cuisine is more known for their salsa, nacho cheese, menudo, chimichangas and most of the flavor that has a sweet & spicy tingling then consider that Mexican.

Can you just imagine if you find all of these kind of food in one restaurant? You can, Don Henrico’s at Ayala Center Terraces has it all from wide varieties of pizza, pasta, calzone, delectable appetizers, different kinds of mouthwatering main entree and down to delightful desserts. If you would check their menu, you would almost want to grab them all! Decriptions on their menu would help you imagine how the food would taste knowing various herbs & spices are mixed the food that you’re craving for.

For antipasti or appetizers, I would recommend Calamari Fritti for seafood lovers, Petite Mozzarella Cheese for cheese lovers, Crispy Chicken Tenders for those on a diet or would prefer white meat, and Quesadilla Mexicana or Nachos Muchos for Mexican craving fans. One of the special meal that my partner and I would not be able to forget is their Fish and Chips, this is the first dish we have tested and approved to be one of the best on their menu.I could still imagine the golden brown crispiness of the batter that is mixed & seasoned to  perfection. As you would take a bite into the fish fillet you would feel, its soft, warm, flavorful meat dipped in garlic sauce with an added compliment of their homemade coleslaw and fried potato wedges on the side. Its a one and complete meal that would satisfy your cravings.

We have tried all their pizzas and we found two of our favorite. Don Henrico’s Supreme Pizza and Four Cheese Pizza (Formagie). Don Henrico’s Supreme Pizza is an original creation that has a mix of pepperoni, beef, ham, mushroom, pineapple, onion, bell pepper and black olives. Four Cheese Pizza is simply a mixture of four cheeses and yet it would make a tasty blast as you would take a bite of it. I would say if you’re looking for authentic tasty pizza, you should try Don Henrico’s pizza selection. Not only that their pizza is way above average tasting, they are using ingredients that would compliment with the pizza’s taste to enhace it even better.

And to leave you guys with our most favorite dish in this restaurant, Cheesy Baked Lasagna! Please do not leave without trying this. It is a fusion of lasagna red and white sauce with a blend of homemade ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese, sauteed beef chunks baked until cheese is bubbly and finally sprinkled with parmesan cheese… None of the Italian Restaurants can surpass nor even compare this Lasagna fusion!

Now, who says we cant find Italian with a hint of Mexican?! Two most popular cuisines in one restaurant, I would say, everything’s possible.

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