Singapore Zoo, A Habitat for the Wild

The sun woke us up on my second day in Singapore. Enthusiasm was in the atmosphere because today, we decided to pay a visit to the animals in the zoo. Quite surprisingly, there zoo is so far from the city that it almost took us about 20-30mins to get there via taxi. When we got there, we then paid for the admission ticket, which cost us 25SGD/person, that already includes the zoo entrance and unlimited tram ride. I was so excited due to the fact that most of the people would say that the zoo is an extensive establishment that houses thousands of fauna of different kind. So, let’s get to know them one by one…


After the initial encounter, we then went to their Shaw Foundation Amphitheatre for the “Rainforest Fights Back” presentation. It is a show that introduces live animals fighting back to a greedy villain who wishes to turn the jungle to a commercialized city. The entertaining act would present twice a day, 12:30pm and 2:30pm. It is a 20-minute display of animals not in favor of turning their homes into something they are not familiar with. Being an animal-lover, I was touched by the demonstration and I am hopeful that people would also appreciate nature and respect those creatures inhabiting that living sanctuary.



After seeing the revenge of the wild, we then got entertained by the next exhibit, “Elephants at Work and Play”. This presentation gives recognition to Burmese elephants who log camp and who has an established relationship between their mahouts or their drivers. Same with Rainforest Fights Back, this amusing display can be watched 2 times a day, 11:30am and 3:30pm daily at the Elephants of Asia exhibit. It is very charming watching those elephants pouring water to the audience using their trunks. What amazes me the most is knowing that these giants can walk unnoticed because they are walking on tiptoes. So when you are in the forest, do not be surprised if there is an elephant following you without you knowing it!


After the watery experience with the large land mammals, we then had a splashy moment at the Shaw Foundation Amphitheatre. The third act that we watched was Splash Safari that showed a big sea lion splashing water to the pleased audience. It presents a lot of marine behavior, which diverted our attention from the casual impression that we had for that animal. After the show, I was so hopeful to finally get a kiss from the sea lion but in the contrary, the opportunity was dreamed off away from reality. What was left in me was the wish that the display would bring awareness to everyone to help the sea lion in their own little ways and eventually conserve the marine life for the future generation to enjoy.


After the three spectacular shows, we continued roaming the rest of the zoo. Let me introduce you to some of my new animal friends…


After the spectacular experience in the zoo, I realized that we need to work together to preserve what we have, not just for ourselves but also for the next contemporaries. Lives of both human and animals are interrelated… We may not know but whatever happens to them would consequently affect us. I just hope, we would learn to cooperate in conserving mother nature and we will surely reap the fruits of our labor. Singapore zoo, for kids, may just be a wonderland but for the animals, it is definitely a habitat for the creatures of the wild.