Dining at the Beach Within the Heart of the City

Perfect scenery would always add up spice to your appetite for food. Nothing can beat the ambiance as perfect as white sand beach, flowing water & simply the scent of stimulating seawater. How good can it get especially when a banquet of fresh seafood is in your dining table? Too good to be true especially when you’re in the heart of the city. In order for you to be able to feel such bliss, travel and ample amount of time is needed. But not on the great place we found in Bridges Town Square, Plaridel St. Alang-alang, Mandaue City. Right in the midst of buildings, malls, cars, traffic and heat, a relaxing restaurant can be found. If you wanted to unwind and release all the stress life is giving you, then give in to this tempting dining depot and welcome yourself to Oyster Bay.

We found this place because of their advertisement. Not on TV, not on radio, not on posters but merely on discount menu. This is a kind of menu that was offered to us with huge discount rates exclusive for the restaurant. We bought the menu around P299 and if you would be able to consume all the discounted items then you could save up to more than P4000 . Who would resist that kind of offer specially when the restaurant specializes in seafood. We do not know Oyster Bay until we got the discount menu and we were delighted when we discovered the place.

I have been living in Mandaue since the day I was born, busy streets, busy lives, unending stress and everything is typically the way a city always have been. Me and my partner visited the place to give a try, and hey! We have a discount menu, what’s there to be scared of the price? When we got to Oyster Bay, we were amused of the ambiance of its place. In the center of the city, we found a beach!How awkward can that be but yes it exists! Unusual but its more than amazing feeling to be in that exact location to where we were. Relaxing, unwinding, amazing, ecstatic! That’s all there is to describe the place.

We are crazy about seafood. There is just a certain taste in seafood that we can’t describe but in culinary world, we term that certain taste as “umami”. It’s not sour, salty, bitter nor sweet but it’s simply a combination of all these and a taste that you can’t even describe. Seafood is rich in this kind of flavor, that’s the reason why most of us are crazy about it and yet we can’t even answer why we like it. That’s how umami works and that’s why I like it. It’s simply mysterious.

Let’s see what they got, here we go with the menu. Seafood is always tempting but not as tempting as the way Oyster Bay presents it. When you look at their menu it’s well-lined with delightful pictures of the dishes. And yes, I may say they presented the seafood dishes in a way that your eyes would already taste how the food would savor. We took a glance at the prices and we were shocked as we didn’t expect that it would just be affordable even without the discount menu that we got. Wanna get a glance of their menu? Check this out so you would know what I’m talking about:


Yummy right?! I know. We love appetizers so, we tried Baked Oyster with lemon butter sauce, Baked Oyster with cheese and garlic,Scallops cooked the same way as the oysters, and Crispy Fish Sticks wrapped in kangkong as the free dish for our discount menu.Take note, those are just our appetizers! Then, it was followed by Oyster Bay’s Pork Adobo, Oyster Bay Paella,Chicharon Bulaklak and a lot more… What can we do? We love to eat!

The oysters and scallops were perfectly cooked in a way that you would really taste that it’s fresh, juicy and a perfect mixture of flavor with the cheese, butter and lemon.It’s an amazing taste that would tingle your taste buds and would let you want to crave for more. The fish sticks that was served warm with a special dressing on the side was so impressive in a way that you would feel the crisp in your lips as you take each bite adding up the lovely flavor of the dip.Their appetizers are simply astounding!

Do I have to tell you what happened on the main entree?! I don’t think so… Not this time.  I’m gonna leave you with a thought, if appetizers would be this great, what do you think would be their main entree? ^_^

8 comments on “Dining at the Beach Within the Heart of the City

    • Yes, Jhei! It is indeed such a romantic place!! A perfect location not just for couples but also for everyone to be temporarily isolated from the rush of the metropolis without leaving the city! Aside from the amorous impression this site has offered, they serve delicious seafood dishes as well that can melt the hearts of those who taste it!! This restaurant is fascinating!!! ^_^

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