MarDiGraS @ 2

My partner and I had long known each other in 2004 but that was just a hi-and-hello kind of friendship. The bond started to grow when we were both active in an International Club in 2008 thus creating a mutual interest between the two of us. As the days gone by, we eventually found some things that we share in common, like food and travelling.

To cut the story short, we finally made it official on April 18, 2 years ago. Just do not care to ask as to how and where it happened for the reason that it will always be a “couple’s secret”.
Anniversaries are usually celebrated by lovers alone. For this year, my partner and I decided to make a twist to the typical celebration. We planned to celebrate it with my friends, friends whom so dear to me for 7 years now. What made it more special was that my partner was even the one who invited my two friends. I was caught by surprise when she told me what she did. I was indeed touched since for 3 weeks, we did not finalize any plans yet. As simple as inviting my friends without me knowing made me appreciate my partner even more.
In midnight of April 18, 2011, my partner and I, even when we were still at work were already exchanging messages in facebook. The strike of midnight made us ecstatic in ways that we hardly control. We were like high school students who just had their very first puppy love. I just want my partner to know how much I love her in ways I know how. So we went home after our duty and took a 2 hour nap to energize ourselves for a long day. The alarm kept on ringing in our ears making us realize that we have and we must wake up already. It was 10:00 AM when we woke up and we had to hurry because the buffet will start by 11:00AM. We prepared as fast as we could as if we had an 8 hour rest. Nothing and no one can stop us from making our day memorable.
First stop was AAA Diamond Tongs, an all-you-can-eat restaurant at F. Cabahug St. Mabolo, Cebu City. Since my friends were late, we end up eating our appetizers such as barbecue and baked oysters. Imagine, those food are already our appetizers. Can you then guess what will be our main meal? So after an hour of eating, my friends came. Horrah! There were only 2 things that we did in AAA and that was to eat and to eat. Goodness sake, their oysters are covered with cheese and their lechon kawali is as crispy as the “kubal”. Even to the tiniest bit, you can still hear the crunch. If eating is a crime then the 4 of us would still be in jail right now. To be fair with the other food in the restaurant, they also serve “kinilaw” and they would even let a chef cook a mongolian food for you. If you are a vegetarian, their crispy kangkong is a good choice for you. If you have a sweet tooth, they have ice cream and “halo-halo” as well. AAA Diamond Tongs has it all for you for a price of Php 250, excluding drinks.
The party did not stop there. As planned, we directly went to Marco Polo to bring back the serenity that was lost during lunch. When we got in Marco Polo, we hurriedly went to Cafe Marco. My partner and I ordered coffee and each of my friends ordered a glass of shake. For our desserts, we had a chocolate cake and a panacotta. Sorry but because of some memory lapses, I forgot the exact names of the desserts. When the food and drinks were served, moments of laughter overshadowed the 4 of us. In the entire floor, we were the only hyperactive customers but that did not stop us from enjoying the moment.
Having spent a wonderful time with my friends on our very special day was indeed awesome. Having spent the entire memorable day with my partner was absolutely worth everything. On that day, everybody was happy. On that day, everything was perfect. On that day, a past was cherished and on that same day, a future is welcomed.

6 comments on “MarDiGraS @ 2

  1. bravo for creating this website…i love this one,the first meeting then short cut to 2nd year anniversary ^_^….continue to share stories that shows the love for each other not only for the lovers but also for the friendship…and for the family…

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