A Memorable Short Journey

A month of developing competencies is just what it takes to be prepared for our work. 30 days of acquiring knowledge would make us anxious of the real action. What about the exact day that the process of learning new skills would end? Graduation, culmination, completion… Many words yet only one meaning, and that is to achieve the most necessary and the final point of every activity.

We started the training in the 2nd week of November of 2010. The usual meet-and-greet procedure gave birth to a new friendship within the group.Inspired and appreciative, we made the learning process something to look forward to every day. Pressure was well-handled with games and fun. However, just like any stories, the training season has an end. After a month of both stress and motivation, our wave decided to have an island hopping adventure at Pandanon Island as our graduation activity. So, Pandanon Island, here we come!

Apparently, that day of December came when everyone was excited to finally set foot in Pandanon Island.Each of us participated to make the event possible. On our way to the island, I was saddened by how the fishermen treated the body of water and its creatures. Hearing and watching each material explode in the vast secret world of the sea made my heart cry and my mind despise those people who does not even revalue the essence of the marine life. This article is not about them though but I am still hopeful. “Even the smallest person can change the path of the future”, so does Galadriel believe in the Lord of the Rings movie.

When we arrived in Pandanon Island, the rough white sand accommodated not just our feet but our eyes also.Looking at the extensive shore surrounded by the blue waters made us feel like we were not in the Philippines but in paradise.

For our lunch, my partner cooked her ever-famous Brazilian Barbeque and guess what, nothing was left, even the sauce.Seriously, some of my wavemates ate rice with the sauce as their viand. It may not sound funny but they looked so funny that time. Hours after our lunch, we took the time to savor the Pandanon breeze. We laughed and felt the camaraderie among us. After a very heart-warming talk,we got ourselves ready for we are going home. However, the fun did not end there! We let the pump boat stop in the middle of the basin of blue waters. With life jackets on, we jumped!Gutsy as we are, we managed to float and swim our fears away. Life is too short to waste with fear!

From the day the training started to the day that we had the island hopping, the entire experience was indeed worthwhile. We learned many things, we improved a lot, we made friends and, most especially, we had an impact to each individual in our team. The training was not a trip with physical destination… But a trip that summarizes the formative days of 25 trainees and the 1-day exploratory activity in Pandanon Island. Indeed, it is not just a trip but a memorable short journey.

4 comments on “A Memorable Short Journey

  1. I like this short but memorable story and can be example for all the companies that only think is business,business…Yes life is too short to be serious at all times.This is also making a new foundation for a new friends good relationship between your co-employees.Your story tells that in going to a beach going somewhere to an unwind not just to think for our self but also look and observe where are we whats happening.I appreciate your concern,about what the fishermen doing in our sea,taking for granted what the sea gives us..
    Protect the marine life.
    Thank you for sharing ^_^

    • Thank you for appreciating this article. You can actually LIKE this post by clicking on the LIKE button, just above this comments section. Be the first to like this post then, yasuh! 😀

  2. Being a part of this team is more than a blessing and a fantastic experience. Many first for me during this journey and i am more than appreciative for them making this simple trip into a memorable history. I believe that change starts from you and always make it like your last for this will last forever. Thank you for being an inspiration.

  3. Thanks for the astonishing message, bust3rwolf. Always remember, as the saying by William Ward goes “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” Keep up the good work! 🙂

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