Royal Adventure

World-class hotel, YES! Risky escapades, YES! Delightful cuisines, YES! Can you find all three elements in just one area? Of course! Crown Regency Hotel & Towers Cebu is the name.The building that surpasses your imagination of being in a cozy hotel. A place not just for travelling folks but also for the natives.

My partner and I had been deciding to try the Edge Coaster in Crown Regency. We both prepared ourselves financially and psychologically. Feedbacks about the terror in the ride made us sometimes thought twice. However, we eventually realized that life is too short to waste on boring stuff. We finally concluded to try the ride.

On a fair-weathered day, we went to the hotel and asked for the tariff. So many packages yet the verdict belonged to Sky Trio that included 1 Edge Coaster ride, 1 Sky Walk Extreme, 1 4D movie and a buffet for Php 800 only, during that time. Apparently, we made up our minds to try the Edge Coaster first. Besides, that was the reason why we went there in the first place. Edge Coaster, here we come.

Still doubting, I sat on my seat and in my right was my partner. The pressure ran up on me when there was no seat belt to make me feel secured, what they had instead was just a bar pushed against my stomach. When the ride began, I saw my spirit fell in front of me when the platform was tilted to 55 degrees. I had no option but to close my eyes and feel the gravity pulling me down. After the uncontrolled mixed emotions of fear and excitement, I demanded to my partner to return the seat to its normal angle. I cannot stand the fright anymore.The crew gave us a heads up though that when the coaster would start, the seat would automatically tilt to 55 degrees for a couple of seconds ONLY but that mindset left, together with my soul, when we were almost parallel to the ground and we were in the 38th floor of the establishment. Out from that experience, I basically decided by logical reasoning that I will not try that amusement ride again. One experience of my blood rushing to the smallest vein in a split second was enough to make me feel contented. I still love my life.

The second excitement was brought by the Sky Walk Extreme at the 37th floor. We were told to wear an orange jumpsuit, a harness and a pair of white snickers for safety purposes.We were just there to walk on the outer rim of the building.The experience may be boring, why would it not be when my emotional and mental states where still in the Edge Coaster, but the view of the city was captivating. Seeing people, cars and houses from where we were made me remember my playhouse wherein everything was miniature. The entire scene was amazing.

After a coffee break at Starbucks, which was located at the ground floor, we then head to the 4D Theater. The excitement filled our senses again when we were about to watch The Lost Island in 4D. The 15-minute movie was a short-story about a plane that crashed in the Lost Island, leaving the pilot trapped helpless. Spiders, rats, a tiger, a monkey and an anaconda consumed me like I was the pilot in the film. Since I am not a spoiler, I will not disclose everything that happened inside the movie theater.If I tell you then I would have to kill you. Go and try the first 4D Theater in Cebu and you will know what I am talking about.

As our finale, we had a romantic dinner at Sparks Restobar.The buffet consisted of different international cuisines: Filipino, American, Japanese, Mongolian and Chinese. We had so much fun selecting and eating the food that we do not usually take. The food was well presented as well. The ambiance was very soulful that we appreciated the moment and reminisced the entire panicky time we were in the coaster ride.

Having the chance to experience those things made me feel privileged and blessed. Privileged in a sense that not all people can see the thrill that we experienced. Blessed in a way that I got to go through everything with my partner to accompany me. Lastly, lucky that I am still alive… I survived!