Love in Deed

Paintings in a museum express what the painter was feeling when he painted them. Paintings in a Church express religion and faith. We have seen a lot of them anywhere and we have conceptualized each meaning of each design in an individualistic way. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, right? Have you ever perceived painting as an act to express what you feel for someone and doing that at the same time? What about painting in the middle of a crowd in a mall?

For you, sounds like nothing really makes that important but hey, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, right? It would absolutely depend on how you see and feel it.

My partner and I were just strolling along a circle of people in SM when something caught our attention. We noticed that a bunch of children, adults included, were having so much amusement in putting life in the statues by painting them. We were amazed that despite the mess the children made with their art, they really enjoyed the fun. Eventually, we then decided to try the activity just to kill the time. Surprisingly, the statues were not that expensive since it was on a buy one, take one offer. The 2 statues only cost Php 150 but the brush was not included yet. So we painted, put jokes at each other’s color combination. What do you expect? We were still newbies… No training, no lesson. To our surprise though, we managed to put emotions to what we created… complimenting to each other’s work.

The entire experience taught me that sometimes, we have to let the child in us play and just be entertained by simple things. Simple things that we rarely involve ourselves into. Simple things that make us feel good and happy. Painting may not be for me nor for my partner but it somehow gave us the pleasure of having done something new. As the saying by Elbert Hubbard goes “True life lies in laughter, love and work”, my partner and I felt reality when we accomplished that work of art with laughter and love… A love in deed is love indeed.

6 comments on “Love in Deed

  1. I agree to this statement “we have to let the child in us play and just be entertained by simple things. Simple things that we rarely involve ourselves into. Simple things that make us feel good and happy.” and I so love it…Indeed sometimes just mere simple things unexpectedly make us feel good…;-)

    Noelle and I and maybe Julz will try to do this some other time…

    Thanks much for sharing 😉

    • yup, we get very busy with work that we forget to have some fun and let that ‘child’ in us enjoy! life is so short to be forgotten!! celebrate life!!! sure, see you guys there… :p

  2. Sometimes we are so wrap up with the big old world that we forget to let out the child in us. We no longer think that simple things matter but truth is,,, it’s the simple things that make the world go round. 🙂
    I’m no fan of painting but the idea of doing it with someone you love is sweet and romantic at the same time. You two seem to enjoy each others company so much and I am soo envious.. hehehe…
    Anyway, I wish you good luck and a lot of interesting stories on your blog deb!

    • Salamat, cha for the inspiring comment! Ya, it is so true that doing a simple thing with someone who matters to you would make the world go round!! We are wishing you all the best things in life also, cha!!! See you soon… 😀

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