On the Karts

Working in a BPO company is indeed a very demanding job. It requires a stable mindset, an unconditional commitment, a strong confidence and a healthy physique. If you will lose one and you will be off the balance. Pressure will eat you up for sure. Likewise, boredom will eventually lead you to quitting the job and applying to another company.

Having been serving the BPO industry for quite sometime already, I realized the importance of going beyond my very own comfort zone. I was working at Sykes Asia as a Technical Support Representative and next to our building is Kartzone. I heard about Kartzone before but I never got the chance to experience the thrill. Until one day, I had the confidence in me to finally try that out.

My partner and I decided to put in conclusion the excitement that we both have in driving the karts. We even invited a friend to share the moment with us. After our shift ended, we hurriedly flew to the place and apparently, offered ourselves to the caretakers of the attraction. Endorsed to the cashier, we paid the karts that was P300/seat and for the head mask, which was at P25 each. Of course, we went for the single-seater go-karts. We felt the urge of speed to compete fair and square. For the benefit of this blog, the double-seater kart would cost you P350/kart. Regardless if you will take the single or double-seater kart, you will only be given 8 laps to drive the 600-meter track.

For the first timers of this escapade, do not fret, for you will have a 15-minute training about the do’s and dont’s in driving the karts. It may look hard to accomplish but as long as you would be responsible and obedient enough to the rules and regulations then you will be good to go.

The 8 laps was indeed a fun-filled experience. Having the chance to sit and to drive a go-kart made me feel like a pro. The accessories, the speed, the adrenaline, the fun made me go beyond the limitations of my very own self, an agent on the phone and a pro on the kart.

2 comments on “On the Karts

  1. I’ve always wanted to try that. When I was working there I always see that track whenever I go to the toilet. I was so absorbed with work so never tried one. XD

    A nice and fun experience for you guys. 😀

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